Tuesday September 19
  • Cost per Tour $50
  • T1-T2 8:30 am – 12:00 noon
  • T3-T4 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
  • Space is limited

T1 42nd Street Reservoir and Avenue H Water Treatment Plant Upgrades – 8:30 am – 12:00 noon

The Avenue H Water Treatment Plant was originally built in 1906 as a combination power plant / water plant and has been continuously operated and improved since that date.  The plant is a conventional surface water plant with partial lime softening.  2015 marked the addition of two additions to the facility, a 45 million dollar reservoir expansion, high lift pumping, UV disinfection, and standby generation facility at the main WTP and a 30 million dollar reservoir expansion and pumphouse at the 42nd Street Reservoir.  The expansions added 38 ML of storage and the total pumping capacity at these 2 locations amounts to 620 MLD peak capacity allowing for firm capacity of 425 MLD.  The two projects help to provide reliable infrastructure and also allow for further expansion on the plant site.  The tour will go through the challenges in integrating the old WTP with the new infrastructure along with the design philosophy behind the pumping and electrical systems.

T2 Ostara Nutrient Recovery Facility and Saskatoon WWTP – 8:30 am – 12:00 noon

Visit Canada’s first full-scale nutrient recovery facility that utilizes WASSTRIP! In 2009, the Saskatoon Wastewater Treatment Plant was plagued with struvite formations that were damaging to the operation of the sludge handling facilities. In 2012, the WWTP commissioned Ostara’s innovative nutrient recovery technology that recovers phosphorous removed during treatment for reuse as an environmentally responsible fertilizer. Since opening, over 500 tons of fertilizer product have been recovered for commercial sale by using “Waste Activated Sludge Stripping to Remove Internal Phosphorous”! This tour will take you through the WWTP to follow the phosphorous cycle from the influent of the wastewater, removal in the activated sludge process, and recovery in the nutrient recovery facility.

T3 Spadina Bypass Station, WWTP Odour Abatement and Marquis Odour Control Facility – 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

This tour begins at the Spadina Lift Station, through which 60% of Saskatoon’s total wastewater flow travels. To effectively manage this substantial flow, the City of Saskatoon doubled the capacity of this location by adding the adjacent Spadina Bypass Station in 2016. We will then visit the Saskatoon Wastewater Treatment Plant, where the conversion from complete mixed fermenters to static fermenters has taken place. This transition, along with the addition of foul air treatment through the activated sludge process will help the Saskatoon WWTP reach its Odour Abatement Project goal of reducing up to 76% of nuisance odours. We will conclude with a walkthrough of the Marquis Odour Control Facility, where air from a larger sewer interceptor manhole in Saskatoon is treated through biological media in order to help eliminate bothersome odours that stem from the City’s major trunk and lift station discharge

T4 Lucky Bastard Distillery and Black Fox Distillery Tours – 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Get a behind the scenes look at two local distilleries. Lucky Bastard Distiller’s is a hot spot with a prohibition vibe. Tour guests will learn how their product is crafted and get a chance to sample some of their unique spirits and liqueurs. Pickle Vodka anyone? Then we’ll hop back on the bus and head a little ways into the country to visit Black Fox Farm and Distillery. Black Fox is heavily involved in the process from growing the actual cucumbers for their Hendricks Gin to managing all their wastewater on-site. Black Fox also doubles as a flower farm and you’ll learn how the way they grow steers their attitude on producing some world class liqueurs. There is limited availability on this tour and it will sell out.

Must be 19 or older to participate on this tour.